Top Day Tours to take in Colombo

Top Day Tours to take in Colombo

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From the carpet of green plantations to some of the most beautiful treks in the world, Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo, is a place of many wonders. If you are in Colombo for a short time, then don’t worry, there is plenty to explore even in a single day. Interestingly, you can take a short-day tour to see some of these sights and enjoy a holistic experience. Here’s a list of some of the best day tours Colombo has to offer.

Colombo is a gem of a place to visit if you wish to soak in the beauty of verdant greens, fresh air, and amazing flora. This place has also made Sri Lanka a great destination for Indian tourists. However, sometimes time may not allow you to plan an entire vacation in the beautiful city of Colombo. But worry not, there is a lot that can happen in a day too.

Reaching this place is very easy, be it Delhi to Colombo flights or Mumbai to Colombo flights; there is no dearth of flights operating on this route. If have gone to Colombo for business, and just have a day at hand before your return flight, then take a short-day tour around the city. We have shortlisted some of the finest destinations for a short day tour; let’s take a look at them:

  1. Explore Adam’s Peak

Are you an adventurer that love nature? Then start your one-day trip trail to Colombo at this amazing place – Adam’s Peak. It is one of the most renowned natural landmarks which trekkers and nature lovers frequent. The trek can be a bit exhausting, and the place is also considered a pilgrimage destination. This is where you will find the Sri Pada or Sacred Footprint of Buddha. It’s close to 5,500 steps and starts from a village to the giant standing Buddha.

  1. Dambulla Cave Temple

Immerse in the history and relive mythology at the mystic Dambulla Cave Temple. Sigiriya or the Lion Rock is an ancient palace in Dambulla. Mirror walls, captivating frescoes, and beautiful gardens, this place is known for its architectural style.  The Dambulla Cave Temple, yet another attraction, that pours with grandiosity. They perform a variety of rituals here. From here, you can head to the Elephant Orphanage.  Located in the Pinnawala village, you can watch 80 elephants being bathed and fed.

  1. Carpet of Tea Estates

Everyone knows that Sri Lanka is known for its variety of tea. Colombo is a home to some of the rarest tea flavours and beautiful tea plantations. A visit to any of these usually starts at the Boganwantalawa Valley and stretches way ahead, is simply mind-pleasing. This place is nothing but magic. Lush green tea plantations are a treat to watch, and you can even pluck a few leaves as you walk past them.

  1. Bentota Beach Magic

Soak yourself in the golden sand at the Bentota beach, just 65 km away from Colombo. The view and the number of adventure sports available here make the visit worthwhile.

  1. Ceylon Tea Museum

Welcome to the Ceylon Tea Museum, a place of historic importance. Founded in 1925, this excellent spot is one of the most exciting attractions in Sri Lanka. Four floors of the museum comprise of old machine parts, an auditorium, and more. Try plenty of flavours of tea before laying your hands on one.

With airlines like Air Arabia, Emirates, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air India, Malaysian Airlines and many more operating between India and Colombo, there are so many options to get to this beautiful city. The short flight duration makes it easier to get to the place and make the most of it, even over a weekend.