The Reasons to Choose Azure Backup Vault

The Reasons to Choose Azure Backup Vault

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The Azure Backup Vault is an Azure-based service. You can use this to backup or protect and restore your data and information to your Microsoft cloud. The Azure Backup services meet the rapidly increasing demand for data retention in the marketplace. This will let the organizations lessen the costs of the backup storage.

Azure Backup will also improve the efficiency and the availability of the data at all times by using the cloud technology and scalability. Azure Backup will replace your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution using a cloud-based solution. This is more reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Scalable and Always Available

Before the Azure backup services hit the market, people are using the old tape backup systems where the backups grow to many tapes. This becomes untrustworthy over time. The equipment that is used for tape backup becomes less efficient as the size of the data grows.

But with the Azure Backup, no taped are used to maintain any off-site or equipment to calculate the expenditures. Data growth and recovery are not problems anymore. The data backed up with Azure is always available so that when the clients need it for data recovery, growth is no longer a problem even with your pay-as-you-go plan.

Secure and Reliable

When using the Azure Backup, it creates a more secure and reliable backup solution. These data backup are stored in multiple data centers in 6 different copies to make sure that it is highly reliable when data is needed. With this new recovery service, you worry less and no more concerns with the data recovery requests since these data can be restored anytime.

Retention and Recovery

With the business needs because of the legal compliance, the data retention is very important for most companies. Azure backups will allow these companies to have a better leverage with the high demands on the available copies of data that are needed immediately without waiting for the delivery of tapes. The restoration of data can be completed faster for a more efficient business.

Remote Office Protection

There are some businesses who do not have their data backed up, especially the smaller companies. But now, as long as you have a data connection, you can now back up to the cloud and reduce the worry of data retention on their remote locations.

Why Choose Azure Backup Vault?

Azure Backup can provide you will all the benefits mentioned above. Aside from this, the Azure backup vault pricing requires lower costs and can be achieved by eliminating tape backup and retention. The Azure backup pricing is very affordable. It can be calculated to best fit your budget.

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