The importance of credit cards in overseas

The importance of credit cards in overseas

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As we know the reason behind usage of credit cards and its essence which are quite beneficial at all the times and especially during emergency related issues. Similarly many people those who are fascinated on travelling as a passion may use these cards as their key asset while their journey is around the global world. The best credit card for overseas spending Malaysia offers attractive cash backs by the respective banks to their customers those who use these credit cards.

Credit cards overseas transaction fees:

Usually credit card transaction fees will vary differently in different countries. It means while you do transactions, you will be charged with 2.5 to 3.5 % of interest rate typically basing on the type of currency. On further, the fees charged during transactions will be quite less compared to exchange rate of merchant’s. So while in case of performing transactions using visa cards, master cards, maestro cards will typically charges less compared to American express cards as these are charged with high amounts of transaction fees.

Benefits for using credit cards overseas:

  • While using credit card in abroad, then you will be charged with high range of interest rates but at the same time those banks will offer you attractive means of cash backs majorly.
  • The added advantage is the banks those who provide cash backs are much more compared to the fee charges resided during transactions.
  • Usage of cash back credit cards are utmost beneficial in abroad and it is quite helpful while spending in overseas everywhere.

Let’s concentrate on the best credit card for overseas spending Malaysia:

      Am Bank World MasterCard:

This card provides insurance to you and your family as well. For suppose if your personal purchases or belongings will be get insured when you  got robbed by thieves in a sudden attack and also during cases of accidental damages that unexpectedly attacked you.

  • Citibank Premier Miles Visa Signature: Here in this, you can simply swipe your credit card 3 times while spending in overseas especially; you have an option to enjoy rides on a complimentary basis. It means this citi bank premier miles visa signature credit card allows you to benefit all their facilities like, in short with this card usage you will be provided with accommodation in many hotels situated in Malaysia and you can travel anywhere and spend accordingly. Moreover international plaza premium airport lounges provide you a transport facility from airport to your house when you are assisted with this card and it acts as an added advantage.
  • Air Asia-citi Platinum Visa: While you are travelling on Air Asia, your assisted citi platinum visa card will allow you to gather for up to approximately 3 Air Asia points when you predominantly spent on overseas essentially on retail and local purchases. This credit card was usually used by business class upgrades. The use of these card holders will also be provided with an option of enjoying complimentary meals in flight and they provide you seat vouchers for every year.
  • Complimentary travel insurance is also provided to you to travel in a peace mindset and subsequently allows you to travel from airport to your home with their package featured. This insurance is provided with specific credit cards like American express platinum credit cards where it helps you to do purchases as you desire and also pay to your missed luggage’s if any, like delay in luggage arrival and any kind of flight delay, they cover your travel insurance like this for up to a range of RM 20,000 per item and approximately RM1, 50,000 per year simultaneously.

Summary: These credit cards are always beneficiary in all the terms and conditions they rely on you for better package issues during travel, accident coverage and any emergency situations. But the only drawback is, it generates higher amount of interest rates if you use more than the required amount in your account especially spending money in overseas and abroad  like Malaysia, Singapore, Canada etc.