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Each and every one of us are damn afraid of the wrath of the summer season that arrives every year after the pretty, wonderful as well as beautiful winter season at the end of every year, especially after that tiring day at office when you come back home and sit on that couch kept at the dining hall. The first and the foremost option you may have at your hand as some handy way out is by switching on your air conditioner. This not only cools down the temperature of your room and your surroundings, but also does it calms your body’s restlessness and unstable state that it acquires due to the high temperatures during the summer seasons. Voltas air conditioners are most preferred these days and have been found to be very highly efficient in cooling and energy efficiency as well. Now based on certain number of experiment, a few facts and conclusions have been drawn based on this fact of using air conditioners and the effect that they create on your health, state of body and mind as well.

Sleep as the most crucial part of daily schedule

Sleep is basically the most important part of a human being’s daily life cycle. Sleep helps your body to digest what you intake as food and nutrition, it drives the other regular body functions necessary for growth and development and helps in regulation and maintenance of a lots of other body functions. But this understanding of the importance of sleeping is being owned by few people in this hectic and fast schedule of every person. Lack of sleep leads to reduction in proper mental concentration, digestion issues increased stress etc. But it becomes very difficult in the summer days to cope with the high temperature and the associated summer season issues. And it has been found that air conditioners are one of the best ways to remain and keep cool in a hot, summer day. Someone said that the environment in which we sleep affects our sleep to a great extent.

Experiment suggests that your body temperature drops when you sleep. And this drop in body temperature is the highest when you are in your deepest phases of sleep, for example, those moments when you are in a dream. This is the reason why we feel very comfortable in the winter season in sleep and we sleep very deep in this season due to the low external temperature. Because of this deep relationship between sleep and temperature, low temperature increases sleepiness. This is the reason why scientists suggest that you cool down your room during the summer season by the help of the air conditioners and reduce the temperature of the room you will sleep in. The low temperature will make sure that your comfort is not compromised due to the bad nature of the season and will also guarantee that you have a proper night’s sleep as well!